Wedding Photography

2019 Rates starting at $3000

i have a few different packages that I offer but most of them very on time.

each wedding i include a complimentary engagement shoot. this is the perfect time for you to get to know me and me to get to know you! most often couples have never been "lovey Dovey" in front of a camera before. lets be hoenst, its not always the most comfortable thing in the world. i try to take the time to show you my shooting style so on the day of you know what to expect. giving you moments to just love on each other is something that i like to INCORPORATE into each one of my sessions, but don't worry, i will give you direction as well. we will laugh and most likely i will trip and fall at some point, but we will have fun. 

at this point in time i don'd offer any of my own printing packages, however you receive full rights to all of your photos to take with you where ever you choose. you can print as many or as little of the photos as you would like but they will all be yours!

edits are included with the photos as well but i like to put out that i try not to overkill on touch ups. you want to look like you and i want you to look like you! 

i do have the ability to offer an additional photographer but please contact with any and all questions!

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Cauliflower and Kale Soup


Wedding Videography

2019 Rates starting at $2500

videography is an ENDEAVOR i took on after i myself got married! i had the PRIVILEGE of having a friend video my wedding and i couldn't have asked for a better way to capture my day. many people think of it as an add on to your already growing list of things to budget for, but i truly believe it is a necessity. a video gives life to your day. i think of it like the trailer to a movie, but its the trailer to the BEGINNING of your life together.

my style is extremely candid. i can sit back and take shots of all of those before and after moments that might be missed. being a photographer i know to stay out of shots while working beside another photographer. most often i allow the photographer to set up a shot and i will scoop in take my turn. 

just as with my photography the pricing will very based on the amount of time you are looking to have me there. most often i can get what i need in as little as four to six hours but i will customize the package to fit your needs. 

Each package includes a highlight video which is between 4-7 minutes long. i have the ability to add in audio from speeches or vows if you would like as well. Each video i customize to what that couple is looking for. most often folks will want me to focus on their family and make sure each member is included in some part of the video. other times i will have couples that have the closest friends and they wish for them to be in a majority of the video. things such as "first looks" or "first kiss" are always accounted for, but i like to go beyond that. however, there are so many special moments on your day it is hard to capture them all, but i always do my best.

i have also recently added raw footage of things such as the ceremony, speeches, dances, and any other big moments you can think of that you would want to see start to finish. 

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY VIMEO to see highlight videos!